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I have invited as many "evolutionists" (Read 13408 times)
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The obvious isn't obvious
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I have invited as many "evolutionists"
Nov 14th, 2009 at 10:13am
Well it is now January (updated April 2011) and in less that two months we have scared off all the Evodelusionists (believers in the "theory" of evolution) and as usual they tried to use the normal, ridiculous sidestepping of the issues; avoiding questions on the validity of this "evolution", avoiding the evidence that I present, because they are "group think" mentality and accept the social norms and beliefs without thinking for themselves.

All evidence starts with what is verifiable.  DNA is the ONLY verifiable data we have in any biological study.

The most common human today is a conformist who sells out their mind, and life for the sake of political forces, economic reasons (pay checks), and religious dogma.  Conforming to human emotional mental garbage is normal and what weak humans do.  It is a sign of a need for help.

This idea of "peer" pressure is also used in science in the form of "peer review".  It is just another form of human emotional mental garbage.   They brainwash you into this with such emotional force that only really mentally and emotionally strong people can stay clear of it.

Peer pressure is a really bad thing.  It is a horrible thing that even Hitler used to get the Germans to conform to his insanity.

There are not many people with the mental and emotional strength and that most are lemmings.

As Einstein said:  "In order to form an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must, above all, be a sheep."

When I pressed the believers in this religious dogma of evolution,  with the absolute fact that they have no, irrfutable, obvious, evidence to back up this religious nonsense, they get nasty, side step, attack my integrity and so on.  They try to use the same crap on me that was used and successful on them and it doesn't work.

They leave as angry, hateful, bitter, and don't even understand why they dislike me so much.  I can tell you why. The truth requires:  1/ A desire for truth above anything else.  2/ Mental ability  and 3/ Emotional maturity and strength. 4/ The ability to be able to control ones compulsions. Compulsions will own you faster, stronger and "better" than anything.  IT is the most negative powerful force in humans.

For ages people have longed to get the freedom to follow their compulsions.  Any "religion" disguised as science that allows them to do what ever they want is what the lower animal compulsions crave.  If you give these compulsions freedom to ruin your life, you are ignorant by definition.  I have never seen anyone who gives in to animal compulsions who has any lasting happiness.  What I see are 50% of the adults in the US are on some form of drug for depression.

Depression is a natural result of going against your own nature. That nature is to get free of all the things that hide the truth about life from you.  It is the base cause of all mental illness.  Depression is also good in that it shows you how well you are doing with your life.

I have an issue with HEMG being taught in the universities and religious dogma disguised as science. 

Science should be a sacred as can be.  If science is not about seeking the truth, then it is not science.

This is a funny religion with the high priests hiding in fear of being exposed.   No one who lays down for this nonsense, and gets a PHD degree in genetics is going to admit they have been duped into a religion, a mythological religion.

All people have agendas, mostly based upon their precious beliefs, and my agenda is to remove all religious "agendas" from science.  There is no place in science for religious beliefs or religious like beliefs of metaphysical, magical ideas that are not present in the physical evidence.

If I have a religion, it is Science, the study of what is real in the physical world.  I only seek what is absolutely shown in real evidence with no inferences, belief, religious ideas nor ideas that are based on accepted beliefs.

In every event, chemical, physical, energy, movement in the natural world there is the "truth" on what actually is happening or what has happened. This is called the truth of the matter. 

If you are not seeking to find the actual truth, and have lost your objectivity because of the accepted "relgious", "socially driven" or "mythology", then you are not a scientist. So far all the believers in this mythological religion don't even know that there is truth.  It has been taught out of them.

This statement above eliminates all people who call themselves "scientists", and at the same time, believe deeply that creatures can break the boundaries of their genetic structures.  This is simply because there is no evidence of that ever taking place in the physical evidence.

I have invited the most popular "gurus" of this religion to a debate on science.  If you are at all aware of these types of ridiculous people, you will find that they only argue with fundamentalist, uneducated, creationists, and use that argument as a diversion to stop the inquiry into their religious beliefs in Evodelusionism.

They disguise their religious nonsense as science and have infiltrated academia with this religion.

Mythology is the answer to questions that have no answer and  that low IQ people use and fill in all the blanks with belief and make it fit the belief.  I am really sick of this human nonsense in science.  If you don't know, then admit your weakness and let go of it. There are things that we do not know, and we may never know in science.  Only fools fill in the blanks with religious or religious like beliefs.

Fundamentalists are not familiar with the jargon of this "pseudo science" of evolutionary biology or what ever name these fools give to this. I am.  That is why you don't see the "Fundamentalist Evodelusionists" on here.  I have destroyed all of them in debates, using their own evidence.

I go with the evidence and only with the evidence.

You name any pop-culture guru (thunderfoot, potholer54, Ken Miller, and all the ones on youtube)  who call themselves an evolutionary scientists and I have asked them for a live on stage video recoded question and answer or debate session in front of any audience.   
All have refused because they do not want their mystical beliefs exposed to the public.

I am willing to give up a whole day to each one as necessary to show the public that there is no evidence for the theory of evolution in the physical world.  That all of the beliefs and opinions are not science, because there is no use of the scientific method in this nonsense, pseudo science. It is "belief first" and all the evidence is forced to fit the belief.

It actually disgusts me so much to see how this has retarded biology that I am willing to do this for free.  I hate garbage religions in science.  All religious nonsense needs to be removed from science.

If you have no physical evidence to back up your religious beliefs, you cannot call it science.  If you have never used the scientific method in your science it is not science.  If you continually violate the laws of science you cannot call it science. This is what is common in this "evolutionary pseudo science".

I have made my living using math and science for all of my adult life.  When I was a child, (from 8 years) I used to build small cities and wire them with lights. I used so many batteries that my father set me up with a "power station". The "power station" was the transformer from my Lionel train set.  Since I used science and math that worked, I do not allow logical fallacies to mess up any of my inventions. 

In real science it either works as designed, based on the laws of cause and effect or it doesn't work because you missed something in the laws of cause and effect.  There is no gray area in the laws of cause and effect.  It is part of the reason why I like science, because if you do it correctly it will work as planned.

The first axiom I learned is that every part of science runs on cause and effect, and there really is no random on any physical structures that work. If I were to scramble a math equation used to build an electronic circuit, it would never work.

You cannot have random (scrambled) events in science and have any structures that work. 

Science is a path to the truth, and if you study with the idea of seeking the truth about all aspects of science, then you would never accept a religious nonsense that has no physical or empirical evidence showing it is even plausible.  I am disgusted that this religion, Evodelusionism, has taken root in my precious science and has degraded it to a mythological religion with mystical causes and magical events that violate the laws of science.

The other axiom is that "there is only one science".  If your pseudo science, as the theory of evolution,  violates any part of science, then it is void, worthless nonsense and basically a belief system with no logic. If approximately 10% of it is based on empirical science, and the rest is just beliefs, then it is not science. It is religious.

These Evodelusionists state that they don't like to deal with me, when all I ask is for them to produce evidence, and they can't. This is because there is no evidence of any transitional creature, and all that exists is opinions by "experts" (religious forced indoctrinated believers) in this religion. Nothing in the physical world even suggests that evolution is possible, plausible, or even an idea in the physical world.  It is made up, fantasy,  in mans group think religious nonsense.  It is based on a pagan religion that goes back way before Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or any of the established religions we have now. There are carved images of fish people from this religion. This is where the idea that humans evolved from fish. 

  There is no evidence of any "random mutations" in the DNA, because there is only cause and effect in this universe.  Cause and effect IS what ALL of science runs on.

Random DNA is certain death of any species.  You cannot have genetic structures that are not stable if you have any form of genealogy and passing of traits and body structures.  This is the law of genetic stability, that is violated by these beliefs in fairy tales of religious human garbage belief. 
When these religious people are presented with any evidence they make conclusions that are solely based upon the religion of Evodelusionism and ONLY project those beliefs on the evidence.

When factual evidence that is clearly stating the opposite of the belief, is presented, it is obscured, denied, and even obliterated from any science books.  This is crap science.

For some reason these religious fanatics of Evodelusionism, seem to be so brainwashed that they actually accept logical fallacies all the time, and twist their brains around the belief. They literally cover the evidence in delusional beliefs and deny the obvious conclusions.

In science we do not accept any opinions as if it was evidence, but in this pseudo religio nonsense, there is no physical evidence to back up this theory. So all you hear are illogical nonsense projected on evidence, with no alternate plausibility. You hear these religious nut jobs say:  "In my expert opinion, the homo erectus is the direct ancestor of the modern man."  and bla bla bla. They have nothing that backs this except belief.  There is no trail from the homo erectus to any other creature as is found in all the specimens.

Children are brainwashed by TV, parents "believe" when they have never studied this foolish nonsense; so they pass on this religious nonsense.  Even in basic science classes on biology they use evolution as if it was proven science. I find this disgusting the same as Jim Jones, Rajneesh, Scientiology and any religion that does not belong in public schools.  They give your children "kool aid" that retards their minds and think they are the "good guys".  That is how all religious nonsense operates.  They will abuse and victimize children's minds with beliefs that have no evidence and think they are doing something good. This is the same as any destructive religion.

The other thing that these delusional fools believe is that they can break the laws of science and be fine with that.  If the belief is stronger than reality, you are delusional.  If the facts don't fit the change the facts. This is the fraud these people do all the time in the name of "good" and "science". 

All of their major premises (nonsense) demands that you forgo the most foundational laws of science, and the one that all scientific laws are based on: "the entire universe operates on cause and effect."   You cannot violate this law and call yourself a scientist. That makes all Evodelusionists, not scientists, but con artists.  I do not accept anyone who has a degree in this garbage as any form of scientist. They are "tin hat", "magic wand" people, who constantly degrade the purity of science with this nonsense.

I have invited all to come and discuss this "science" of the theory of evolution over here in an open forum.  But they all seem to be afraid.  Only a true scientist is willing to seek to find the truth.  People with agendas, make money, have status,  to conform to the "consensus" are worthless to me and are worthless (cowards as well) as scientists. But most of all the sell themselves short and limit their intelligence drastically.

They live under a rock and are not going to move out.

I posed the following question to all believers in this religion called "The Theory Of Evolution", which I call Evodelusionism. 

It is as simple question:

What absolute evidence do you have that any creature has ever evolved into a new genus?  That a fish "evolved" into a reptile (as you are taught) that these reptiles "evolved" into mammals, and birds?   That this magical process eventually caused humans to appear on earth.  So, basically, these idiots think that fish our our ancestors. (Just how stupid do you have to be to believe that?)

The catch is that you cannot use any opinions by anyone.  You must have absolute evidence that is clear, leaves nothing to the imagination, irrefutable, has no other plausibilities and is physical. No inferences, implications, assumptions, nor projections of belief are allowed.

This is the whole of the pseudo science of evodelusionism is only  OPINIONS and nothing else.  It stands out like a sore thumb in every "scientific paper" (every thesis, and in every Evodelusion person I have met), to anyone who is not brainwashed by this indoctrination process used to victimize children into this idiotic belief.

Children do not have a chance to understand what real science is, because of this early indoctrination.  They are not allowed to break ranks and study this away from the programming and indoctrination.  They are so brainwashed that there is not much hope for them as you can see from my studies and reports on this delusional belief.

I spent the last year putting up videos and getting arguments on evolution and they never present and evidence for evolution, but still they believe it is evidence. These children are taught even what is acceptable evidence so that any contrary evidence is not allowed in the classroom.  That is a cult, not a school of "higher learning".

The only conclusion is that they are taught out of logic and reason, and are simply brainwashed over and over and over thousands of times before they even take the first class in school on this gabage belief.

This is why, they all bolted and ran, because being confronted with the truth about their religion is very uncomfortable if you make money on this garbage, sell books, give lecture, or teach this crap,  or simply have surrender your ego and declared your belief in public. 

This idea of "baptism" by professing your belief in public to your peers is a religious process used to insure your loyalty to the cause. It is not a scientific principle. It is a religious principle to ensure the belief goes on and it retards scientific process.  "Peer review" is part of this baptism.  If I were to publish a scientific paper on what is real vs what is believed, they would punish me in academia as being a non-scientist.  So "peer review" is part of the repression and retardation of knowledge.  I call these PHD's in Evolutionary sciences, "Evotards", because they are scientifically retarded by beliefs that have no foundation in the evidence.

Nobody wants to realize they are fools to believe in Evodelusionism, but they are.  I just can't understand how anyone can be that stupid.  My father taught me much different.  He taught me that; "people are full of agendas and you should never believe them until you have real evidence and repeatable evidence that is shown to be true."

That was the most loving thing he has ever given me, next to all of his mechanical, electrical, and creative lessons he gave me.  His father, my grandfather, was a religious fanatic who used to beat the bible into him and for the most part my dad rejected that way of "teaching".   

This method of beating the bible into the child is no different than the psychological beatings that your children take if they ask questions that would negate the religious belief in this pseudo science of evolutionary beliefs.  The emotional hate if they don't conform is intense.  They are shunned, ostracized, and basically treated like third class citizens if they don't believe in the garbage religion of Evodelusionism.

The other question is this: Are you aware that no such evidence for evolution exists?  If you don't believe me, go read all the papers on this and see if you can find anything that is not based on faith and belief that is "projected" onto what little evidence you have.  The huge "elephant" in the room with every Evodelusionist is belief in fantasy, and projection of that fantasy on evidence.  That is why you see no evidence in public, but only "hear conclusions" from "scientists".   On TV you hear; "Scientists have discovered this or that and they conclude this suggests that the horny toed, blue frog is our direct ancestor."  I have read this crap for over 40 years.  It is always the same and is typical.  People in the general public assume these fools with degrees in science actually know something of value.

These people are not scientists but are religious fanatics.

There was this experiment done with fleas in a jar many years ago.   The fleas would be trapped in a jar with a lid on it.  They kept jumping up and hitting the top of the jar lid and eventually the lid was removed.  The fleas continued to jump but they jumped just high enough to where the jar lid was.

When you are taught out of thinking, and taught how to think, this is what happens to you.  The world is full of "jars" an "boxes" to trap your mind in.  If you don't know how to think, or the natural process of intelligence has been retarded, by beliefs and society pressures to conform, then you wind up as a weak willed person who follows every piece of garbage that society feeds you.

If you want to be free of this nonsense and you want to be a real scientist, like the pioneers, then start thinking about what I am telling you.

Albert Einstein is one of my favorites:
(You could write a book on each of Einstein's quotes, because most people "don't get it.)

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

"A person starts to live when he can live outside himself."

"Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character."

"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds."

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal."

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."

"A person starts to live when he can live outside himself."

If you think I am full of crap then test me.  I can refute each and every premise of this religious nonsense with the evidence and showing you what is obvious.  If you are afraid to expand and get into a real level of science, then don't waste my time.  If you think that I don't understand your science and you want to straighten me out, don't bother.
I have an IQ higher than 99% of the people on this planet.

If you want to learn how to learn, I can help you.  If you want to perpetuate all that you believe in; don't read what I write, and just keep living under a rock.

I don't get paid anything for this.  I don't have any religion, because all religions are man made.  I have kept myself clear of all beliefs for my entire life.

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"Putting your faith in humanity has historically not been a good concept. Why do you think it is "different" now?"
"Find the truth for yourself and don't succumb to indoctrination."
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The obvious isn't obvious
until it is obvious

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Re: I have invited as many "evolutionists"
Reply #1 - Nov 25th, 2009 at 10:21pm

It is interesting that the Evodelusionists don't attack this video. This is because you cannot deny what is in this video.  This video is a chance for you to get free.  Nobody knows you are watching it here.  Free your mind up and listen carefully to this video.

Everyone needs to learn to get free of the controls and the prison of conformity and lack of personal freedom.  The only thing that stops you is you.  You do not have to make any political gestures, just get free and become awake.  Nothing can happen to you except to get free and understand and have compassion for your fellow social prisoners.

When the socialist and fascists  want to control they take God away, weapons away, from the populous and replace it with the Gestapo. The "new" Gestapo is the Nazis', Evodelusionists, who will destroy you if you were to break ranks and get free of this crap.
What a horrible cult this is.

I strongly recommend this video for anyone from anywhere from any religion, any science anywhere.  It clearly represents how I am treated for asking questions of the Evodelusionists that cannot be answered.  Typically they just spout off and have no answer but say that I am crazy, insane, stupid, don't know anything.  This is just for asking simple logical rational questions that they cannot answer.

They all are brainwashed the same way and they all believe they see evidence when there is none. They all fight me with the same concepts that they have never even thought about except to take on this belief in nothing but fairy tale creatures and some creatures from the ocean, fish, became reptiles, reptiles became birds and mammals.

There is a huge problem for them, in that there is no physical evidence that backs this, so they make up crap and force belief in the "students" minds. And the pressure to conform is extreme, like a frigging pressure cooker that if they don't tow the line they will lose all they have worked so hard for. That is a prison.

What happens to me is what they do to anyone who only wants the truth and only the truth.  Somebody needs to stand up for the truth, who is not negated by belief.  I have no beliefs, but have only an extremely objective understanding of science. I have never allowed any indoctrination to take my mind.  I equate that God = Truth and the only thing is seek is the absolute truth.
There is nothing higher than the truth, and you cannot argue against that. Not ever. 

I can't get any of them to produce any finale or conclusive evidence for evolution.  They cannot produce it, because it does not exist.  They have a lot of religious rhetoric like "evolutionary pressure", "natural selection" and "evidence that winds up only being an opinion with nothing else"

That should tell you pretty quick that it is a delusional religion. This last guy says he works in gene therapy, so he must have the normal education that causes belief.
He go so angry when I pointed out the scientific lies used in the "nylon eating" bacteria.  That really pissed him off to realize that he is a liar and fact manipulator, deceiver himself.  People in this are so delusional they actually think the theory of evolution is true and they don't realize it has no physical evidence that is not polluted with belief and they never look at what is just in the evidence. They only see any piece of evidence as evolution.
They will take scientific laws and violate them and tell people that there are "random mutations" in DNA, when it is neither random, nor is is changed DNA from the lineage of the genealogy. The only place where the DNA in the child is from the parents and given by the parents.
There are no magical changes in DNA. It ONLY has cause and effect, because there is no other scientific law that applies.  Cause and effect is all there is in the physical world.  There is no magical mystical religious transformations going on. It can't be proven that there are random mutations or random  anything in genetics, because there is no such thing as random.  It is not in physical science.
He has no idea that the whole "nylon eating" bacteria is fraud against the public, a farce.  It was his indoctrinated perspective that "it must be true", but it was clear that he had never had a single rational and original examination of the evidence.

People who seek to get free of the prison of this Gestapo religion, can be free and stay free.  Others have done it.
You can too.  You can do it quietly, by seeking a job away from this, or by teaching real science and give people a chance to learn real science.

The so called evidence of the ERV's and the Chromosome number 2 in humans are so close that it only would indicate a direct genetic link  between Tribal people about 4000 to 6000 years ago, by all the evidence we have on the fossils and artifacts of the Chimps. 

All of the evidence in the DNA, these  retro virus insertion points matching so close, the chromosomes matching so close and the fossil record, and the artifacts of the Chimp, strongly show this.

None of the evidence suggests evolution, but simply a degradation of a human lineage to the point where we see the Chimps as a new creature.
There is only genetic degradation shown in all DNA evidence. There are no magical improvements. When creatures live in a highly toxic area with lots of mutagens, if they live, they lose genetic instructions for normal cell development and become retarded and eventually they go extinct.  chimps are nearly extinct. They live a max of 50 years in captivity and average of 30 in the wild.

This is where we are heading if we don't stop the genetic degradation we are doing to ourselves.

I put the charts up on these three creatures, humans, chimps, gorilla, and orangutan.  I don't think any of these Evodelusion believers have ever looked at those  chromosome charts side by side where one can see the obvious.  Nor have they investigated the genetics in the DNA which backs up the genetic lineage and interbreeding. They are too close of relatives to be anything but genetic linked de-evolved from the same super human.

To be a real scientist you have to look at everything and study far away from these believers.  If you read this entire link which is on here, you cannot help but see the amazing abilities of Chimps. It would be extremely difficult to ignore this. The term ignorance and ignore are from the same root.
Don't ignore this evidence.


This video finishes this Evodelusionism crap once and for all time.

This destroys it more.  There is nothing but crap Evodelusional religious ideology in this "theroy of evolution".

This finishes the Radiometric dating of fossils, completely.  It shows that this is also a religious pile or mythology.

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"Putting your faith in humanity has historically not been a good concept. Why do you think it is "different" now?"
"Find the truth for yourself and don't succumb to indoctrination."
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The obvious isn't obvious
until it is obvious

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Re: I have invited as many "evolutionists"
Reply #2 - Nov 29th, 2009 at 7:01pm
Did you see how fast these people ran when confronted with things they never think about, because it is outside of their beliefs?  Smiley I presented them with things in real science they never learned in screwball scroowal and they can't think for themselves. This is typical of religions but not in real science.  That is why it is a religion called Evodelusionism.

When I go to the evodelusionist sites I get bombarded with forum nazis who try hard to bury my postings as fast as possible they call me all sorts of names trying to use exactly what was used on them to make them surrender all logic and reason to this bovine crap.

That is because they are Nazis by basic definition and can't do any open discussion that would ruin their religious beliefs. No one is allowed to break out of the nazi culture, they make examples of anyone who thinks and asks rational questions. The do not let you break away from the ranks of the cult and even ask questions that they don't understand from real science and the laws of physics.

They make examples out of anyone who asks obvious questions that they can't answer. They can't answer even one question of mine without religious dogma and no evidence. They don't even know what evidence is.

That is what cult religions do.  They keep and protect their human emotional garbage beliefs, and hide behind the facade of pseudo science.

There is no science when you violate all the rules of science and the laws of physics.  It is easy to destroy the idea of Evolution if you have any frigging brains and actually know science.

This is why it is nothing but a friggin mythological religion called Evodelusionism, and anyone who believes in it is an Evodelusionist.

If you want to get free, get free! Smiley
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"Putting your faith in humanity has historically not been a good concept. Why do you think it is "different" now?"
"Find the truth for yourself and don't succumb to indoctrination."
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