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Is it possible to get a degree in biological science and not be taken in by this myth? (Read 1507 times)
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Is it possible to get a degree in biological science and not be taken in by this myth?
Jun 7th, 2012 at 1:43am
There is so much damage done to science in the name of "evolution" that it would take a very powerful mind to wade through all the BS and acquire any worthwhile education.  I am not kidding. This evolution stuff is intellectual garbage.

I had someone ask about what "books" I recommend on evolution and biology. Here's the answer:

At the present time, there are no biology books that I recommend, because they are nothing more than some form of indoctrination into a mythology.  It is unfortunate that we have this mythological mental garbage forced in the classroom and mixed in with some half truths in science, but this is not new.  I have read through some really confusing BS in my life, and biology books are full of magical beliefs based on nothing.  You have to wade through a lot of brainwashing to get to any good stuff they have. In the mind of these writers is the agenda of the myths of evolution, (like a huge pink elephant in the room standing over them while they write) and they actually believe in it.

Many people have quit classes because "it makes no sense to them from the evidence" Yet you are required to be a full fledged believer in order to get a degree.  That is really sad.  Even the scientists who doubt evolution have to sort through all the stuff they believe to get a clear understanding, because so much of the supporting concepts they think may be real are just imaginary. This stuff is repeated over and over and over and so people think it is real.

What I recommend is that you understand the jargon of science and go study the data and stay away from indoctrination.  You can start by going to "PubMed.com" look up "genetic diseases" and when you come across a word you don't understand, go look it up, realizing that there is "no simple life towards complex evolution" and avoid the human beliefs in anything dealing with science.  This forum is full of good information and data and real evidence in DNA that tells the picture. "evolutionforum.info"
You can go to any university science site and learn about amino acids and how they are used by the DNA RNA replication process, which is pretty amazing.  Then you can get into how enzymes and other chemicals are produced as well.
There are lots of basic information on evolution and biology, but you have to realize one thing there is NO evidence for any sort of simple life ever evolving into complex.

Every attempt to show this has failed, and it all boils down to the fact that bacteria adapts and so this "proves" evolution.(NOT!) That is a sort of insanity.
And all of biology changes over time by hybridization, and speciation that only shows sustaining of or mixing of the original DNA or gene loss and NO GAIN of any type of complexity.
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