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Reproduction and Mutations (Read 4391 times)
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Reproduction and Mutations
Jan 4th, 2013 at 4:33pm
1 of X The pH of the vagina is acid pH 3.5 to 4.7 it is about 5000 to 7000 times more acid than blood at 7.4 (It's logarithm scale base 10) . Low pH is a condition that affects oxidizers (antibiotics) & makes them work well. The flora produces H2O2 which is an oxidizer that kills virus, fungus & bad bacteria.  Anything that disturbs this balance of pH, flora & antibiotics can allow infections to reach the fetus.  Many standard infections are caused by messing up this natural protective condition.
2 of X  Raising the pH is bad for the balance of the flora, kills the natural flora (lactobacillus).  It is best if it is left alone and not disturbed to protect the cleanliness of the vaginal cavity.  Having a “period” raises this pH if the blood is not let to flow out easily & is why tampons are bad for the flora and are known to cause infections by raising the pH from blood having a base direction of approximately 3000 to 7000 times more base less H+ ions.
The H2O2 is an acid (2.7 pH for 70%).

pH is a measurement of the H+ (hydrogen ions) in a solution. It is a log 10 base measurement with each +1 unit 10 times the prior quantity of H+ ions.

3 of X A pH of 2.7 (H2O2) to a pH of 7.4 (BLOOD) is an extreme change if you let the blood soak and stay with a tampon.
It is a scale of 10 times for each 1 unit of pH. 2.7 to 3.7 is 10 times, 3.7 to 4.7 is 100 times, 4.7 to 5.7 is 1000 5.7 to 6.7 10000 times less acid. and 6.7 to 7.4 = 70,000 less H+ ions. The difference of standard vaginal flora is pH of 4 to 7.4 = 4000 time less H+ ions.

4 of X When  flora killed with an extremely high relative pH for an extended time using a tampon soaked in blood 7.4 pH risk diseases high.  Insertion of a thingy at this time can bring in even small amounts of bacteria that are not killed by the flora. The H2O2 that has been rendered nearly useless by the extreme high pH.   Many infections start with tampons mixed with sex. The pH of sperm is about 8.0 so that is a really bad combination. If there is an egg at that time virus can enter.

5 of X The double dose of too much high pH liquids in the vagina literally can destroy the flora of the vagina and leaves it open for infection. 
If this condition is not treated it can leave the vagina open to all sorts of infections; most common is "bacterial vaginosis, an infection with symptoms that include an odorous vaginal discharge. The vaginal odor may be fish-like, and gray in color." If it lingers while the eggs drop in place and pregnancy occurs its not good for fetal zygotes.

6 of X This condition of high pH in the vagina and the flora being disturbed is really bad for other infections and the most common STD that women get is HPV from sex with a partner who has it at this time, but multiple partners at any time with multiple doses of sperm at 8.0 pH  is almost like insurance of HPV.  HPV is the number one cause of cervical cancer.  Keeping this area clean and free of STD's is vital to stop fetal infections causing deleterious mutations.

7 of X So you can see flora of the vagina is critical to the success of a healthy fetus at conception. The worst thing that can happen is at the point of the egg meeting the sperm mixed with a HPV. HPV LIVE inside human cells. HPV is known to cause cancer by disturbing the DNA coding of cervical cells then they mutate. It is because the repair mechanism cannot offset a continual destruction of DNA cell coding, so the HPV wins if not stopped by something, flora, or immune system.

8 of X So a fetus zygote doesn't stand much of a chance of not being mutated at this time. The DNA repair mechanism cannot over come a living creature inside this first cell. Even if later the immune system kills it, it is too late to do anything.
One of the most disturbing statistics is babies being born with cancer now and at an alarming rate.
135% rise in childhood invasive cancer in 34 years and the most? cases are under 1 year old.
This is serious stuff. Not part of your normal sex ed.
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