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You don't need a theory, you need the truth. (Read 7683 times)
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You don't need a theory, you need the truth.
Sep 8th, 2011 at 8:11am
In case you don't notice, all the Evo-illusionists have quit.   This is simply because they cannot answer my questions.
The term "Evodelusionists" is accurate after you read and "UNDERSTAND" this entire forum. 

If you want to change this statement of fact, which is increasingly more accurate as time goes on.  No one can make any arguments from evidence showing that evolution is even plausible.

Where is your absolutely irrefutable physical evidence showing evolution; that life can become more complex, stronger, and better by some process that nobody has seen.

If you believe you must have some foundation in reality to cause you to believe, OR maybe you simple succumbed to mass hysteria as is common with humans and magical beliefs systems?

It is called "group think" with "magical thinking".  It is how people have put their heads up their rears for centuries.  One magical religion after another, thinking the latest one is better than the last one.

It is not about some half baked theory that others have imposed on you. It is about how to find the truth when you have the absolutely irrefutable evidence available to you.

The absolutely irrefutable physical evidence is always around you.  If you don't have it, then you don't have a science.  The idea of creatures going from simple to complex has no absolute evidence, and the recently discovered absolute evidence has been rejected by the egos in charge of science. They avoid it like the plague, because when you see how clear it is, it destroys their lives, lives based on teaching this nonsense and believing in it as any religious person does.

You don't need a theory, you need the truth.

When you think you are in the correct ideology because you left another ideology behind. I wrote this to answer questions on a fellow who dropped on religion because he took on another:

(Hint, the truth has nothing to do with most religions. And it is a characteristic of humans to need some myths or mumbo jumbo to believe in. So they choose one mumbo jumbo over another because one is force fed in schools and the other comes from the church.)

1/ Most people are ruled by other people. They're tribal by nature and want to belong, to groups. They want to believe in something that has "hope".  So they get into other forms of indoctrination easily, and don't realize that too is an ideology disguised as something other than the ideology you just got free from. As soon as you profess your allegiance to any man made ideology, you make a mistake and get your ego and relationships with others based on that ideology, thinking it was the right thing to do at the time.

(One should never join any group without full understanding of all the absolute evidence they have for their position.  I never join any group and any group I join if I ever join one is going to have absolutely irrefutable physical evidence to back their "religion". )

2/ It is like the drunk who has to get away from all his drunk buddies in order to stay sober; No difference. If you write a book or profess it in public, then you really mess up your life and now what do you do? Well all too often people realize they screwed up way late, and have money, livelihood and reputation (ego) on the line with this ideology so they die supporting delusions or the confess on their death bed. It is far better to stay away from all HEMG imposed on you and seek only truth. 

(HEMG videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPPafzd4wGI



Teachers of earth is flat would never admit they were wrong.  Teachers of evolution will not admit this either and the will group together and form a defense against it. This is exactly what happened with the earth is flat people.

People who teach crap ideologies to children are the most screwed up, because they now have to admit what they have done to these children in order to get free. That is not likely. This is why it is common that they normally die with the delusions fully in control. Those who victimize children are particularly accountable to the cause of human suffering.

3/ So, often the people with the ideology are in positions of authority made by man made icons. religion, philosophy, science, etc. as my videos explain. These authorities are often delusional (It's normal to have delusions) people who are just repeating what was brainwashed into their minds and they do it exactly the same way to you that they were brainwashed (because it worked on them). They totally believe they are on the correct side of ethics and are the "good" people in any controversy. That is how screwed up humans can get.

4/ In science this idea of peer review, is really just social pressure to conform to the accepted and enforced (by those in power) ideological beliefs of the time. Especially in science that is based on inference, implications, beliefs where the ideology comes first and it is superimposed on anything they see or any evidence. Belief destroys credibility for a scientist: scientific suicide. Unless you have absolutely irrefutable physical evidence that is recognized by all people, you can't make any conclusions.

5/ The word conclusion means that your statements are final on the subject and cannot be refuted by anyone. Conclusion means final. Suppositions are not conclusions. inferences are not. In real science we seek only to find the truth in the matter. The truth in the matter requires absolute evidence that cannot be denied by a rational person who is not emotionally controlled by ideology. Once you have THAT evidence then every premise, every piece of evidence only points to that conclusion.

6/ So you test the conclusion by testing against all the evidence we have on the subject. After you test it with at least 1000 pieces of data and they all concur you are on the right path. After you test every known idea of this science against this conclusion then it is over, that is the law that governs this part of science. It becomes the law and is how real science is done.

7/ When politically driven ideologies rule there is no real truth in them. They are there because the politicians of the time want that for the control they need to stay in power.  It is just how humans operate.  Sad but true.  The institutions are all about politics and the lowest common denominator, money and power. They don't really give a hoot about the truth, health, or anything.  Just money, power, prestige, and feed the ego.   (Corporations have no conscience, and are immoral in nature. Money is the only driving force.)

8/ When you as an individual realize this, you are part way on your path to emotional, mental freedom. It is hard to let go of ideas that you may base part of your life on, (that are dear to your heart and you love so much)  but that is what is required to grow into the truth.
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"Putting your faith in humanity has historically not been a good concept. Why do you think it is "different" now?"
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