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Registering For this Forum (Read 9654 times)
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Registering For this Forum
Oct 11th, 2011 at 2:31am
We are not allowing open registration. This is because of the spam. 

This is because people are being paid to spam message boards this way.

If you want to be registered to discuss the "theory of evolution" then you must write to jim@havenmade.com and state your user name for registration and a valid email.   You will get an email back.

You must realize that we don't sell anything on here and it is not a place for advertising.

This is a pure site, dedicated to the eradication of nonsense in science.  If you think you have a valid point of argument, then be my guest.

This is a place where we discuss Truth from physical evidence and and how to understand the truth when you see it.

We accept all sorts of questions relating to the topic and expect rational discussions.

This is why you will so may of the religious Evolutionists have disappeared and are utterly afraid to discuss real science.
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"Putting your faith in humanity has historically not been a good concept. Why do you think it is "different" now?"
"Find the truth for yourself and don't succumb to indoctrination."
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